Care & Cleaning

We hope that the following information will help you get the most out of your Magnum Boots purchase.


Maintain your purchase by cleaning it regularly. Brush dirt and mud off your footwear once it has dried naturally and if necessary, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not wash your footwear in the washing machine. Immersion and exposure to detergents can attack the stitching and bonding agents within the footwear.


Dry your footwear slowly using natural air circulation at room temperature - do not subject the footwear to a direct heat source. Paper can be used to stuff the footwear in the drying process to help absorb moisture and maintain the shape of the footwear.

Waterproof Treatment

If you have purchased waterproof footwear, the leather must be treated regularly with waterproofing and conditioning sprays or creams. Used in wet conditions the leather will experience a gradual loss of its water resistant qualities, and if untreated the leather will slowly harden and crack.


The linings used in Magnum Boots footwear are made from comfortable breathable material that requires little or no maintenance. Foot moisture is absorbed and the drying process is quick due to the breathability nature of the linings.

General Care

In some of our products we use a treatment in the lining such as Agion® which wicks moisture and sweat away from the foot to help prevent unpleasant odours. To retain the shape and durability of your MAGNUM products, ensure the laces are undone before the product is removed.

Magnum compatible shoe care products are available from most footwear retailers.